Oppein Airport Installation

As a brand consultancy intern at Yang&Yang, I took up the task of coming up with a family oriented marketing campaign for our client, OPPEIN, one of the largest home refurbishing company in China. 

After conducting internal research and stake holder interviews, I realized that a common perception among our consumers that aligned with our client’s vision was OPPEIN being recognized as a home-oriented and family loving brand. Hence our slogan, "Where there is home, where there is love, there is OPPEIN.”

With this, I came up with the idea of a charity campaign called "turn off our cell phones for an hour." In doing so, on May 15th, international family day, we would hope to encourage families to remember what is truly important: To spend more time with each other and less on their mobile devices. 

After presenting my pitch, I was given the go-ahead on spearheading my first client based project. I divided up administrative tasks among my team members and focused on arranging an airport installation that would showcase in the Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport.

Through this process, beyond the logistical specifics, what I also looked for in artists were their knowledge, expertise, and experience in creating public, interactive & empathetic installations. 

Outside of general measurements and guidelines, I worked closely with the artist tofully express the message and sentiment of our campaign through any, but most importantly their own, creative means while also maintaining the client’s needs.

In doing so, we eventually narrowed down the selection to one, Sef Thomas Pinney’s designs. Despite the full construction of the project being put on hold in the end, I had gained invaluable experience working with industry professionals on a project that was very dear to myself.



Installation & Material Plan